Moisturizing Face Cream

Moisturizing Face Cream


      ne of our most prized creations at Wild Thyme Farm.

      Our unique moisturizing face cream uses rose petal infused water, exotic butters and herb infused natural oils to create a moisturizing face cream that goes on light and penetrates quickly for all day or all night hydration.

      Argan oil and Sunflower oil infused with select herbs like rose hips and licorice root make the most wonderful, hydrating face cream.  Smooth and moisturizing, this cream goes on light and penetrates quickly.  

      Exotic butters such as kokum butter, shea butter and jojoba butter seal in the moisturizing oils, giving the skin a smooth, supple look and feel.

      Our face cream can even help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

      - Won't clog pores.

      - Rose petal infused distilled water for smooth, silky skin.  Naturally.

      Our pink face cream gets its color from actual rose petals, infused here at WTF specifically for our unique face cream. As a benefit, our face cream not only captures the silkiness of rose petals, it smells like roses too!

      Our oils are infused here at WTF with beneficial herbs such as rose hips, chamomile and licorice root for their skin moisturizing properties and therapeutic effects.


      Shea butter - Moisturizer, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, helps fight acne, boosts collagen & cell regeneration, may reduce wrinkles.

      Kokum butter - Moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, treats acne, can reduce signs of aging.

      Cocoa butter - Moisturizer, anti-aging, can heal skin conditions, may fight wrinkles.

      Jojoba butter - Moisturizer, anti-bacterial, fights acne, & may reduce wrinkles.

      Chamomile - Anti-inflammatory, treats skin irritation

      Rose Hips - Replenishes skin barrier, can decrease wrinkles, increases skin moisture and elasticity & has anti-aging effects. Protects from UV rays.

      Licorice root - Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, treats acne, improves skin condition.

      Castor oil - Deep moisturizer, anti-inflammatory.

      Rose petal infused distilled water - Anti-inflammatory, reduces redness & creates a light & silky smooth face cream.

      Sunflower oil - moisturizer, fights skin aging, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial.

      Sweet Almond oil - Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, fights acne, treats wounds & cuts.

      Argan oil - Anti-oxidant, fights aging, fights sun damage, fights acne,  reduces wrinkles & fine lines.

      Vitamin E oil - Moisturizer, anti-oxidant, may help prevent wrinkles & fine lines, may protect against UV rays.

      Arrowroot powder - increases smoothness & absorbs water.

      Geranium essential oil - Potent anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties may fight acne.

      Optiphen plus - Natural preservative.

      We can custom create unique combinations of oils and herbs for creams and salves, all done right here at WTF.  Contact us at and let us know what you would like to see us make for you.


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